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Google Glass

Google Glass is now available in the UK

Google Glass is now available to buy in the UK, with Google officially launching the Glass Explorer programme outside the US for the first time.

Glass Explorer is Google’s open beta for its futuristic eyewear, giving early adopters the chance to snap up smart glasses for the heavily inflated price of £1,000.

According to Google, “Glass Explorers are the first to make, move, and marvel through Glass. They’re bold and inspiring and they’re helping shape the future of Glass.”

With Google Glass hitting the UK in five colour schemes – Charcoal (black), Tangerine (orange), Cotton (white), Shale (grey) and Sky (blue) – all but the orange headset are currently listed with an estimated shipping time of “1-2 business days”.

The tangerine glass will not start shipping until tomorrow, strangely putting it a single day behind its more conservatively toned siblings.

Attempting to sweeten the hugely expensive deal, those who snap up the Google Glass Explorer Edition will be able to select and frame or shade for free.

Requiring Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to run, Google Glass is a display and microphone incorporating smart headset designed to offer heads-up details on all manner of topics, from maps and location details to helpful reminders and contact details.

Despite its slightly gimmicky nature, Google insists that “Glass isn’t technology for technology’s sake.”

The company adds on the Glass sales page: “Whether you’re driven by a passion for cooking, your kids, golf, or fashion, Glass helps you get more out of what you love. Use Glass to take photos, find answers, get directions and enhance your now with over 40 apps.”

Following its UK arrival, Glass is expected to be one of the key talking points during Google’s I/O developer conference later this week. It is expected that the eyewear will be dated and priced for a general consumer release in the US during the show.

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