Stop worrying about your ‘addiction’ to the internet. We’re all cyborgs – always have been | Jess Zimmerman

Google Glass withdrawal? Of course! Integrating technology into your body is perfectly normal. Ever heard of contact lenses?

Scientists from the US Navy have now treated a patient they say may be the first ever to suffer from internet addiction by way of Google Glass. News articles on the research findings have headlines like “Google Glass user treated for internet addiction caused by the device”, “Google Glass User is First Patient Diagnosed with Internet Addiction Disorder” and “Guy Who Used Google Glass for 18 Hours a Day Got Addicted to Being a Glasshole”. I am waiting for the one called “Scientists Discover People Become Reliant on Technology: Well, Obviously, Says All of Humanity”.

The story here is that a Navy servicemember checked into military-run rehab for substance abuse, and as part of his treatment was required to give up electronic devices altogether. In the case of Google Glass, he resisted; he said he’d been using the device 18 hours a day, and that he became cranky without it. The patient would also frequently forget that he wasn’t wearing his Glass and involuntarily tap his temple to turn it on. Tics, irritability, cravings – voilà: you’ve got your first official Glasshead, and doctors warning that (as reported here in the Guardian) “people are clearly suffering from problems related to internet addiction, and it is only a matter of time before the research and treatments catch up”. Of course, the patient was also an addict of the more standard sort – an alcoholic going through withdrawal. But, no, it must be the fault of the internet, spookily worming its way into his brain!

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