Wearable technology hasn’t taken off in the way it was expected to why not?

Concerns around cost and style are holding consumers back, plus we already have the perfect device the smartphone

As 2014 began it looked set to be “the year of wearable tech”. The much-lauded (and awarded) Nike Fuelband had gained mainstream acceptance, becoming the Christmas present of choice for gadget-obsessed fitness fanatics, Samsung had launched its James Bond-style smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and there were rumours circulating of the launch of a similar Apple product coming soon. Meanwhile, Google Glass was finally a reality, and industry commentators were certain it would revolutionise how we interact with technology and the internet.

The idea of wearable technology is certainly tantalising. Most of us grew up watching science-fiction films that promised us jet packs, interstellar travel and robot servants. The revolutionary prospect of wearable technology gives us the opportunity to live this future now.

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