Ashkelon Visor – The World’s First Low Cost Wearable Heads Up Display

Those familiar with Israeli reality TV immediately recognize Benny Goldstein. He is an energetic single Dad, with a gift for inventiveness. During his appearances on the Israeli version of Big Brother his endless genius for problem solving amazed both the audience and the producers. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Ashkelon Enterprises, a startup company poised to take on Global High Tech Giants like Google and Monsanto in the race to provide affordable Heads Up Display (HUD) technology. HUD was originally designed for fighter pilots, to let them view information feeds without taking their eyes off the windshield. HUD creates Layered Reality, where virtual input appears right in the user’s visual field. Global High Tech companies are working on making HUD available on a mass scale, but the current technologies are uncomfortable and very expensive.

According to Benny “I came upon a sophisticated but elegantly simple way to generate Layered Reality for everyone! I called my invention the Ashkelon Visor and it will carry a price tag anyone can afford (for as little as $20). I devised a Focusing Relay that would stream light, in the form of pics and texts, from the Smartphone into the user’s visual field. A free application will adapt the various functions of the Smart Phone so they can appear in the Focusing Relay.” The Ashkelon Visor prototype has a front compartment for the Smartphone, and a Focusing Relay unit that does the work. Touching the Smartphone, as well as other kinds of movements, controls the menu selection process.

“Ashkelon” is the name of Benny’s home town. Benny explains: “By using this name for the company and the product, I am trying to show appreciation for the city where I grew up and which gave me so much inspiration.

Our next goal is to launch the Ashkelon Visor on Kickstarter, which is an online platform that helps creative people get support for new ideas. We are really excited about this. Our product is going to be a worldwide breakthrough! Buying an Ashkelon Visor will be as simple and as common place as buying a case for your Smartphone. But imagine what a difference it will make!”

In about six weeks, The Ashkelon Visor will be featured on Kickstarter as one of the cutting edge technologies of the future. Benny believes that his invention may well change the way people all over the world relate to their devices and their lives, by creating a fusion of electronic input and real world experience. At the same time, the technology will be so simple that it doesn’t even require electrical energy to make it work, just the natural energy of light itself.

Ashkelon inc. is currently looking to raise additional funds for the project. If you, or someone you know wants in on the ride, you are welcome to contact Benny Goldstein at [email protected]

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