Company Feelreal adds odors in new virtual reality

Immersion in virtual reality can not be complete without the involvement of sight, hearing, smell, touch. So far, the developers of virtual reality helmets have the possibility to use sight and hearing, but it seems that soon will be used and the sense of smell and touch.

Thus, the company Feelreal now working to create a special mask that is used with the Oculus Rift. In this case, glasses give sound and image, and the mask Feelreal – smell.

Furthermore, several developers added side-effects such as splashing water in the case of immersing a user in virtual water and other elements.

To the user smell, is inserted in the mask with a set of removable cartridge fragrances for various situations. So, the owner of the mask can feel the smell of the sea, grass, dust, flowers, metal jungle. Added as radiators heat vibrator motors, fans and nozzles.

According to those who have already tried the mask in the project is still far from perfect, and the use of masks in some cases causes discomfort. However, the developers improve mask and soon we will be able to see it improved version.

First published on raqwe.com.

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