GoPro is All Set to Enter the Virtual Reality Market

Virtual reality is the in thing and almost every big tech company is now working on this technology. GoPro, the company which gave consumers the opportunity to film clips with cameras strapped to their helmets, is now moving to virtual reality and drones. Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro, said at the Code Conference that the company would soon be launching a spherical camera mount that has been developed to capture images which can be used in VR experiences. The product is called Six-Camera Spherical Array and is expected to be available at the second half of the year.

Woodman said at the Code Conference “When Facebook dropped the gauntlet and acquired Oculus, it sent a message that, ok there’s going to be heavy development and investment in virtual reality.”

What to Expect from Six-Camera Spherical Array

As the name suggests, the mount is made of six cameras and is spherical in shape. The six Hero4 cameras can be arranged in different directions.

The cameras click footage which is then joined together with Kolor, an app by a VR company which GoPro acquired in April. The technology of this company is the backbone of the VR camera system of GoPro. The videos and photo shots are turned into virtual reality which can be viewed by users with any VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens and Google Cardboard. The Kolor app can also be used by smartphone users to view the imagery. Apart from that you can also view it on the web with services like YouTube 360.

The pricing information has not been announced yet.

Drones in the Scene

Woodman said that GoPro is working on a drone, or more specifically a quadcopter. The quadcopter is expected to release in the first half of 2016. Pricing about this device also hasn’t been announced. Woodman added that the company might be busy developing its own drone, but at the same time it would continue to team up with other manufacturers of drones which can be fitted with the GoPro cameras.

The mount could be attached to GoPro’s new quadcopter that is being developed to provide the users with an exceptional immersive experience.

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