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There is a growing list of ideas for google glass apps for each and every aspect of our live. So naturally we are also seen first apps for fitness:
There is an app lynxfit that helps you keep track of your workouts, an app that helps you run faster, compete with yourself or even run from zombies. Although google glass is only available to USA citizens there are many other people from all over the world who are wondering about possible applications for fitness on google glass.

ifihadglass ideas applications regarding fitness

#ifihadglass I’d write a workout app to automatically track and display my fitness progress at a gym, running or cycling track. The app might count pull-ups, push ups, squats, etc utilizing accelerometers and smart algorithms. Smartphones are not convenient to use at a gym, they require constant attention and distract from workout flow. Glass would be perfect to display relevant information and motivating and to compete with gym friends.

#ifihadglass I would develop a fun fitness / health assistant. It could do many things like communicate and track weight, display heart rate (via Bluetooth heart rate monitor), and even expand the possibility of capturing a time-lapse video of running outdoor trails and sharing those socially for others to discover.

I like it! The most effective workouts and programs are under the guidance of a coach. This approximtes that. You have ‘someone’ spotting you and it compensates somewhat for the absence of company that is so effective in a gym class. I’m onto you +Rayan Bouajram! This would work, with the added bonus of strengthening friendships and discovering new ones.

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