Google Glass Now Shipping With More Memory

Look alive, Glassholes. There’s a new version of Google Glass for all your needs.

Google announced new hardware and software updates to Glass on Tuesday, just hours ahead of its I/O developers conference. The biggest change is that Google Glass will now ship with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB, which should offer better performance.

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On the software side, Glass now has an improved way for users to frame images, including a viewfinder. More Google Now cards are also available, including types to remind users where a car is parked and to let them know about upcoming package deliveries.

As PC World notes, the hardware update — which will not be free for existing “Glass Explorers” — has some early adopters miffed.

On the official Google+ announcement page, angry Glass Explorers are imploring Google to offer if not a free upgrade, at least an upgrade path to the new units.

Google previously let Glass adopters exchange initial Google Glass models for units with more upgraded internals.

It’s been a busy week for Glass. The company rolled out nearly a dozen new Glassware apps on Tuesday, and announced a partnership with Diane von Fostenberg for designer Glass frames.

In May, Google opened up the Glass Explorer “beta” to all users. Glass is still in beta and costs $1,500; it’s unclear when an official retail version will hit stores.

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