Microsoft’s New Software Smooths Out Your GoPro Videos


Time-lapse videos don’t have to make you sick, and Microsoft researchers have the algorithms to prove it.

Yes, the lure of first-person video is undeniable: Just strap a GoPro to your head or put on Google Glass, and you’re set to take your viewers on a wild (or perhaps mundane) ride. If you’ve watched any of the resulting video, however, you may have noticed that much of it is too long, boring or nausea-inducing.

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Some try to solve this problem by time-compressing the footage, which usually just exacerbates the nausea problem; every bump and camera jerk is sped up and accentuatedWatching the video makes you feel like you’re a passenger in a rickety buggy that’s careening down a bumpy, winding road at 100 mph. Read more…

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