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This week’s focus is Pinć VR – a virtual reality headset designed to take on the likes of the Archos VR, the Zeiss VR One and the Samsung Gear VR. However, there’s a twist with Cordon Media’s prototype as it’s a headset and a smartphone case all in one.

Built to sit snug around an iPhone 6, the Pinć (pronounced “pinch”) is designed to fit in your pocket with the aim of making VR truly portable.

The reason behind the name is the second unique feature of the product that’s looking for $100,000 in funding – it is controlled by rings worn on the user’s index fingers to pinch and click.

The case aspect looks a bit, er, naff let’s say and we’d rather gesture control was on offer without the need for additional devices but we applaud the effort to distinguish the device away from the first wave of mobile VR headsets.

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