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Hands-On: Nüvi 2798LMT with Backup Camera

Garmin Nuvi

At CES in January, we announced a range of new automotive products, one being the nuvi 2798LMT with Backup Camera. This is Garmin’s first nüvi with a wireless backup camera, allowing you to easily spot pedestrians and other obstructions as you back up your vehicle. We went hands-on with the new device to give you a better idea of what it looks like and how it works.

The home screen is similar to other nüvi devices – only larger. With the bright 7-inch display, you will be able to see and type directions with ease. nüvi 2798LMT also includes the latest navigation features from Garmin, such as Garmin Real Directions™, voice activated navigation, free lifetime traffic1 and maps2 as well as Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts.

If the camera is wired to the reverse lights for power, the navigator can automatically display the live camera feed every time you put it in reverse (and back to navigation mode when in a forward gear.) Easily spot vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions right on your screen as you back up your vehicle. The transmitter will send camera footage to nüvi 2798LMT from up to 45 ft (13.7 m) away. Professional installation is recommended.

Two parallel lines appear when you’re backing up, showing the width of your car. This is very handy when parking, since you’ll be able to see if your car will fit into the parking spot. You can even adjust the lines to fit the exact width of your car. Don’t want the lines in your view when you back up? You can easily hide them with a quick change in the settings.

The wireless backup camera, mounted on the rear of the vehicle (pictured below), is rugged enough to withstand even the harshest of weather.

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