Campaign Mode Detailed, 20 New Songs Confirmed

Rock Band VR is just weeks away, and Harmonix continues to pull back the curtain on game modes and the final selection of playable songs.

20 more tracks were just unveiled, including "Suffragette City" by David Bowie, "Holiday" by Green Day, and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. These tunes join the 21 songs already announced for the VR title, leaving 19 more to be revealed before launch.

Rock Band has sporadically dabbled with story-based campaign modes, most recently in the form of Rockudrama mode from Rock Band 4: Rivals. Rock Band VR continues this trend with its own focus on narrative. The campaign mode follows your player character, a guitarist for the in-game band, Audioblaster. Harmonix is promising an immersive story in which other band members (Derek, Maddy, and Wes) come across as fully-realized characters, and not mechanical automatons. The developer made extensive use of voice-over recording and motion capture techniques to enhance the VR experience. Harmonix is aiming for authenticity in Rock Band VR's story mode, and their goal is to use the virtual reality format to enhance the intimacy of being part of a rock and roll band.

For more on Rock Band VR, check out GI's earlier setlist reveal and how the classic Rock Band gameplay is being adapted into VR here.

Rock Band VR releases on March 23 for Oculus Rift.

[Source: Harmonix Blog]


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