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Android By Russell Holly Jun. 25, 2014 11:15 am

Get ready for two hours of Android, more Android, and probably even more Android. Google I/O 2014 is here, and we’re still not 100% sure what Google has in store.

Google’s annual developer conference has attendees from all over the world flying to downtown San Francisco to see the latest and greatest from the Mountain View company. From this event we’ve witnessed the birth of Google Glass, new versions of Android, and lots of updates to the Chrome platform.

There are so many exciting projects under the Google umbrella right now, with Project Tango and Project Ara marking just the tip of a huge iceberg. Most of the exciting news from Google’s big event will happen during their keynote presentation, and you can watch all of it right here.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief of Android and Chrome, has promised a brief look at the next version of Android, but we know there’s plenty of other goodies coming. Android Wear and Android TV are two products we can expect to learn all about today.

We’ll be following up the presentation with a more detailed explanation of what Google shows off and how it will fit into the existing mobile landscape, as well as some time with whatever Google gives away at the conference this year.

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