Google Glass Creator Joins Amazon

The man credited with helping create Google Glass has his eyes on a new job opportunity.
Babak Parviz, a Google X director who helped found and lead Google Glass and a smart contact lens project, is moving to Amazon for an unknown role.

The move was first teased over the weekend in a post on Parviz’s Google+ page, followed by an update to his Google+ profile noting that he “led a few efforts at Google … prior to moving to Amazon.”

Parviz confirmed the news to Mashable in an email, though he declined to provide details on what he will be working on at Amazon.

“All I can say at the moment is that I am really excited by what we might be able to accomplish at Amazon,” he wrote in the email.

Amazon did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Parvis made headlines just a few days earlier after giving a presentation during which he reportedly described Google Glass as “one answer” to what the next big thing after desktop and mobile may be, but “it’s not necessarily the definitive answer.”

Amazon has ramped up its own hardware efforts in recent years, including debuting a set top box and smartphone, and working on drones for deliveries.

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