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Multiplayer Virtual Reality Gaming is the New Laser Tag

Free-roam and immersive game space Zero Latency just intensified our lofty virtual reality expectations.

The latest advancement in immersive technology is set on breaking stereotypes of the idle gamer. Melbourne-based Zero Latency has opened a gaming space that pairs the digital with the real world for a heightened experience of the eSports genre. The arena allows players to transport to a future world taking on the undead and drawing upon both physical and strategic strengths to complete his-her mission.
The setup features a 400 square meter room where players are able to roam freely while engaged in a virtual reality headset.
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Designed to maximize the real-world space the game uses in-game safety mechanisms to extend virtual mapping capabilities while ensuring users safety, that is, preventing players from running into walls.
Arming players with a handheld laser-rifle, the game uses state-of-the-art wireless technology and motion tracking to merge hardware and software technologies for a fully immersive experience.
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The space bypasses gaming standards of in-home access to consoles, intensifying the race to bring virtual reality to the masses. By creating a venue where multiplayer co-ops can join in on a single mission, they retrofit the camaraderie of laser tag—a popular pastime of geeks and more everywhere—with technology and design that have come define modern gaming. Players are engaged in a 50-minute mission aiming to restore order in a society dragging itself back from the brink of destruction, and the team can earn points to collectively level up within the game.
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The team behind Zero Latency launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign last year. After surpassing their goal, raising a total of $29,700, the team has delivered on their promise to purchase more hardware and set up a standalone gaming venue. As the project gains traction, we hope to see a number of gaming scenarios incorporated into the co-op setting spanning areas of music and education.

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