Virtual Reality: Teleporting Back to the Future

Explore the world, the universe and even alternate realities without ever leaving home? This holy grail of sci-fi game lovers and fans of augmented-reality simulation is about to come true. While the ordinary gamer is still hooked on his Xbox and PlayStation, companies like Oculus Rift and SONY’s innovative technology offshoot Project Morpheus are developing virtual-reality headsets for transmitting people to an all-encompassing, four-dimensional reality. Imagine not only hearing the ocean but also feeling the breeze in your face and the waves’ motions as you remain comfortably seated in your favorite chair and surrounded by the air-conditioned bliss of your living room.

Initially, developers of virtual-reality devices were predominantly targeting the video-gaming community, but after Facebook acquired the virtual-reality startup Oculus VR, social networking has become the new target for virtual-reality simulation – with good reason. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is certainly not the only tech entrepreneur who understands that social networking is an ideal platform to develop the next generation of virtual-reality simulators and to bring the technology to a large audience of tech-friendly users.

Undoubtedly, virtual reality extensions could enrich the social media experience and provide new impulses in a time when Facebook is looking to stimulate growth and enter new markets. Facebook groups could now “meet” in a shared virtual space and extend their existing relationship from a two-dimensional model based on simple written communication to a much more complex level of actual interaction.

The prospect of virtual-reality use presents some fantastic opportunities not only for users to broaden their virtual horizon, but also for companies to develop and deliver entirely new content formats that might radically change the way business is done. Companies could provide virtual “try-before-you-buy” experiences to the consumers of the resort where they would like to book a vacation or present virtual walks of their production facilities.

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